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5 November 2023 

Ashima represented the graduate class, giving a valedictory speech at the third session of the 28th congregation of the Faculty of Humanities, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


January - April 2022 

1. In the beginning, there were... Groceries - What do you think responsibility tastes like?

2. The Hunger Pandemic in India - Where does our food come from? (click here for an unedited version)

August 2020

Ashima's short film screenplay was selected in published in The Honk Kong Polytechnic University's journal, Inscribe (Issue 6). The editors of the journal say, "This screenplay is a thoroughly enjoyable read that will leave you guessing until the end." 

May 2019

While studying at Shanghai Community International School, Ashima gave a Tedx Talk. She says,  "I was 15 years old when a terrorist attack happened in Dhaka, Bangladesh, just a few streets away from home. Here is my journey from grief to hope as I found meaning in what seemed like a hopelessly meaningless world"

November 2020 - Present 

Hello Poetry is a website for sharing and reading poetry, founded by Eliot York in May 2009. It serves over a million readers a month, offering poems from invite-only writers. Ashima has been a member of the site since November 2020, posting exclusive poems unpublished elsewhere. 


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