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Updated: May 5, 2022

The halo shines iridescent

Above my head

Once gleaming purple

Once pink

Then silver

Through the translucent green

I can see

How it incarcerates me

My skin of porcelain

Is wrapped in silk


Pink, ironed

it mustn’t have a crease

I twirl gently,


Round the pole

Past the



Lights reflecting

Off my manicured nails

They scream privilege.


Escapril – writing everyday in April. It is probably fictional, unedited, raw feelings. Perhaps you can feel them with me.

Updated: May 5, 2022

Thank you for the love, and the memories ❤️

Luscious red cherries, so sweet

Reaching into the ceramic bowl

Picking one up

My tongue unpacking it

Relishing the sweetness until a tiny seed remains

Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate

I feel the cool air brush past me

As I take out the plate from the refrigerator

As my fingertips meet my lips, I think of you

A bottle of sparkling rosé

I pour us a glass each

Filling it up a little too much,

Emptying the bottle a little too quickly

It tastes of our laughter and

The music we played that day

A silver pendant shaped like two hearts

Undoing the ribbon, opening the box

The chain slides across my neck

Reminding me of love and memories

And of the day I turned eighteen

The taste of fish in the dry hot pot

I eat it, careful not to put the red

Chillies in my mouth

Intoxicated on wine and love

Barely able to use the chopsticks

Feeling silk slip through my fingers

The scarf smells of your elegant perfume

I love draping it across my neck

The melody of your laugh

Reflecting in your eyes

The butterflies in my stomach before our first date

The colour red, the heat

Lying by the harbour, looking up at the stars

Our laughter merging into one

Spilling secrets

To become whole again

The sound of a puppy barking

Reaching down to touch the soft fur

As it rubs its wet nose on my palm

Showing affection so easily, so completely

The feeling of paper as I flip

Through my favourite book

The simple watercolor illustrations

Taking me back in time

To a phone call

When I said, “thank you!”

Walking into an air-conditioned movie theatre

The coca-cola tastes of decay

And the cheese sticks to my fingers

The community dreams as one

The sound of your voice as your read me poetry

The lips moving so gently

The eyes looking up into mine

Time standing still for us

The sound of a baby laughing

A newborn

She sits in my arms in complete trust

I fall in love as she falls asleep

The friendship that blooms over dinner

Over soju and tteokbokki

You tell me about a certain someone

We laugh at our silly hearts

Tying a ribbon in my hair

And blushing

As I look into my own eyes in the mirror

Trying to see what

You see when you look at me


Escapril – writing everyday in April. It is probably fictional, unedited, raw feelings. Perhaps you can feel them with me.

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